Woman Reportedly Goes Through Train Station’s X-Ray Machine To Hold Onto Purse


A woman pulled a Kanye West in “All Falls Down” and decided to go through an airport’s X-ray conveyor belt to protect her possessions. According to BBC, the unidentified traveler was wary of thieves that might target her handbag.

The incident occurred at Dongguan Railway Station in China. The news site states that although the woman allowed her suitcase to go through the machine, she attempted to walk through the metal detectors with her bag in hand. Once officials ordered her to also place the purse on the belt, she allegedly hopped up on the machine to keep a watchful eye on her items.

Per Reuters, the woman wanted to protect an undisclosed amount of money that was stashed in her bag. The People’s Daily publication also issued a statement to future travelers that may want to attempt this woman’s actions, stating: “Passengers are warned that not only is this kind of behavior forbidden, but also the radiation from the machine is incredibly harmful to human health.”

In the midst of the Lunar New Year festivities, Express UK notes that millions of China’s residents are traveling to celebrate with friends and family. The site estimates nearly 390 million people will use the country’s rail system.