Mexican Women Are Marrying Trees In Order To Save Them From Deforestation


Women are fed up with men. Apparently a group of single women in Mexico aren’t just done with the male species; they’re done with humans altogether. Single women are reportedly getting married to trees now, but it’s all for a good cause.

Women in San Jacinto Amilpas, Oaxaca state are reportedly getting hitched to local trees in order to save them from deforestation and illegal logging, Metro.Uk reports.

Additionally, they are actually throwing ceremonies to validate the union. In photos, women are pictured in their whitest dresses, hugging and kissing gigantic sycamore trees.

The ceremonies, which are recognized as the “marry a tree” ritual, is reportedly being carried out by the organization, Bedani. The symbolic wedding is also based on Inca customs, where women and men marry trees, according to Metro.

While this all sounds incredibly loopy, these women are actually bringing awareness to environmental issues. According to reports, Oaxaca is one of the five states hit worst by deforestation and logging. A third of Mexico’s land is reportedly covered by forest, and criminal groups reportedly control and partake in illegal activity on most of the area.

So, if isn’t working out for you, there’s always the trees. You can have someone to talk to that won’t talk back, and it’ll all be for a good cause.

See photos from the ceremonies above.

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