Yo Gotti And Jeezy Hop On Fabolous And Jadakiss’ “Stand Up”


As most of us know, Jadakiss and Fabolous released their Freddy vs. Jason project during the fourth quarter of 2017. One of the earlier singles from the joint effort was the Future-assisted “Stand Up.”

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Well, today (Feb. 2), the song gets an official remix, thanks new verses from certified hustlers Yo Gotti and Jeezy.

“I might pull up in a coupe, make ‘em take a photo/One thing about it, I’m the real nigga logo (I am)/Holding down my niggas, keep it real with my amigos (pull up)/Say I want a Cuban link, that mean I want a kilo (word)/Trap house jumping (jump), bitch I’m doing numbers (I am)/Bring it to the door, but we gon’ keep that on the under (shh),” raps Gotti.

Jeezy adds more dope boy flare to the club joint with his usual boastful wordplay.

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“Ain’t talking about Slim Fast (ha-ha)Keep hating, with your snitch ass (snitch ass)/Stay broke, with your bitch assFuck what you heard I’m self made/I’m a real nigga, I don’t kiss ass (nah)/G shit, I’d die for (die for), take the stand, I’d lie for (lie for)/Told my bitch get life insurance (why?)/Any day I might die hoe (ay),” raps Jeezy.

Listen to the song above.