Did 50 Cent Really Crown Tekashi 6ix9ine The King Of New York?

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50 Cent might be passing the torch of the troll to Tekashi 6ix9ine. Recent footage has surfaced of the Queens-native praising 69 as the “King of New York.” In yesterday’s Instagram clip (Mar. 28), 50 Cent is clearly enjoying 69’s eerily reminiscent agitation. However, the climate of hip-hop and Tekashi’s questionable background leaves many to wonder if 69’s antics are as beneficial to his well-being as they are to his career.

Tekashi has claimed connections to the Bloods street gang has resulted in several exchanges between the Brooklyn artists and several LA-based rappers, including The Game and YG, who are known Bloods and believe he is lying about his affiliations.

And while the only violence to ensue was a light scuffle at LAX, The Game’s threats towards 69 (a guy who beat up a former associate with one hand while filming the altercation with the other) allude to a more volatile undertone than hip-hop is ready to acknowledge.

Tekashi may want to heed the advice of another Brooklyn Blood, podcaster Taxstone, and use these 50 Cent comparisons to learn a thing or two from the rapper’s tenacious career. “[50 Cent] had to remain the wolf,” Taxstone described to Vlad.Tv when discussing how 50 came into hip-hop by ruffling feathers on his 1999 record “How to Rob.” “Just like I said, you can use some people as sacrificial lambs but as long as you remain the wolf and everybody ain’t built to remain the wolf.”