A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Links With YFN Lucci For New Song “One Nighter”


A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie records so much music that sometimes it takes a full 365 days for certain songs to see the light of day. However, without further delay he now presents his long awaited collaboration with YFN Lucci — who he calls one of his favorite rappers.

Dubbed “One Nighter,” the mixtape monsters linked up to talk slick about all their for-one-night-only escapades. It’s not really for the monogamous type, but the song helps you feel better about those drunken mistakes.

“She tried to put me on her Snap I told her b*tch you buggin’/I’m not just anybody you can’t take a picture of me/F*ck around and post it up you might get rich or something, ah/Don’t get too excited/I could tell what’s on your mind before you get to type it/I could paint a picture of it, girl I’m good at writing/Understand I’m not your man I’m just a over nighter, ah,” spits A Boogie on the song.

Listen to “One Nighter” below.