The Suspect In The Austin Bombing Dead As SWAT Team Closed In


The man believed to be responsible for the bombings in Austin, Texas killing two and injuring several others is dead. According to Police Chief Brian Manley, the suspect died early Wednesday morning (March 21) as a SWAT team closed in. Manley said law enforcement pursued the suspect in a car as he was leaving a hotel when a bomb detonated, killing himself and injuring a officer.

The suspect was on the cop’s radar, but became the sole person of interest just 36 hours before his death. Austin authorities have not released the name of the man responsible for the bombings, but have identified him as a 24-year-old white male.

Austin police are still no closer to figuring out the motive behind his crimes and Manley still also urges residents to be careful as police aren’t sure if the suspect mailed any bombs prior to his death.

Six bombings happened this month with five in Austin and the most recent at a FedEx facility near San Antonio. Since the blasts, residents have been on edge and police have received more than 1,200 calls about suspicious packages. An ATF agent said its believed the bomber built the bombs himself.

“We’re just really relieved and just incredibly thankful for this army of law enforcement that has been in our community here for the last week or so,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler said.

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