Barack And Michelle Obama Working Through Production Details With Netflix


Barack and Michelle Obama have been navigating beneath the radar since the end of their stint at the White House, though they still live in Washington, D.C. Last we heard, the two had both received $60 million book deals from the publisher Penguin Random House.

Regarding Barack Obama, the only thing many people like almost as much as President Obama is a televised Obama.

These cameos are few and far between but Obama seems fairly personable, whether he’s caught speaking informally or getting coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. But the people want more. And the former president seems to know what people want.

According to the New York Times, Obama is in the advanced stages of a proposition with Netflix to expand his platform to something global and less occasional. While there is little-known information about the show’s overall content, Obama will not be using the shows as a tool for responding to conservative political comments or critics. He was even reluctant to do so on the David Letterman show

The deal is not final but the influence of Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama could help the already expanding streaming giant grow forth as the show will only be available on Netflix. Their fourth-quarter earnings report reflected an addition of two million more streaming subscribers than expected and their stock value increased to about $140 billion. Recode reports that the streaming service is nearing Disney and Comcast.

The show would provide Obama with “an unfiltered method of communication with the public,” reports the Times. The Obamas intend to use a storytelling method for inspirational narratives on a positive note.

While everything is political to some extent, the Obamas would likely use their media platform for good, drawing attention to civic issues and lending endorsement to shows that promote similar messages.