Birdman Gives Interview While ‘Sneaker Shopping’ In L.A.


Cash Money CEO Birdman recently joined Complex’s Joe La Puma at Flight Club, Los Angeles for a sneaker outing with an unlimited budget. Though he has been known to rock footwear from all the top brands, the New Orleans has a special place in his heart for Reeboks and Lugz.

“They were the first brand to embrace us. We’ve always represented that culture,” says Birdman on Reebok embracing Cash Money early on. “At that time, maybe, Reebok was on the downside of the business. We really represented. It didn’t matter to us. We was Reeboks and Girbauds. That was our M.O. Reebok embraced us. They made shoes for us, camouflage with our names on them. They always supported us.”

As fpor Lugz, Birdman says he still deals with the boot company to this very day and credits them for buying his New Orleans houses for him in the early 2000s. He claims they put down a cool $3 million for him to live large.

“Sneakers, shoes, fashion. We did a lot of different deals. Drake’s got Jordan deals,” says Birdman. “Everybody’s still doing their thing. Fashion is part of the culture. I be proud to see how far they’re taking it, knowing how far we come with it. To me, I be more proud for them than anything. I just stand down and play my role.”