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Jordan Peele Approves 'Black-ish''s Hysterical Parody Of "Get Out"

We love it, too.

Black-ish is usually on-the-nose when it comes to timely references, whether it be about race, society, or the latest dance craze. The ABC show's recently aired episode featured a hysterical reference to Jordan Peele's thriller, Get Out, which got a stamp of approval from the Oscar-winning screenwriter himself.

"Blackish just did the best #GetOut bit I’ve seen so far," wrote Peele on Twitter Tuesday (Mar. 13) after the episode aired. "Loved it, @funnyblackdude [Kenya Barris] and team!!!"

In the episode, Dre and Rainbow Johnson (Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross) are experiencing some difficulties coming to terms with their eldest son's latest step in maturity. During a conversation about gender bias in their living room, Dre ends up going into the Sunken Place to avoid the conversation.

Black-ish is created by Kenya Barris, and was nominated for eight Emmy awards last year. It also has a spin-off series starring Yara Shahidi titled Grown-ish, which airs on Freeform and was recently renewed for a second season. In early-March, Get Out won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, and had three additional nominations, including Best Picture.

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Amanda Seales Corrects Heckler For Whitesplaining Pay Disparity During Stand-Up Set

Amanda Seales had some choice words for an overzealous—and ignorant—audience member at one of her latest comedy shows. A white woman who was visibly under the influence of alcohol made her way to the stage to challenge Seales on her views of pay disparity among white and black women.

The whole ordeal was documented on video, which the Insecure star posted onto her Instagram page. When the Seales asked the woman (who apparently goes by Stephany) what the root of her problem was, she responded explaining that she didn't like how she compared the different pay scales between black and white women.

"My issue is you making a distinction between black women and white women having different positions in business," she said. "Whether you’re a black woman or a white woman, you are paid less than a white male or a black male."

The 37-year-old quickly rebutted her claim by explaining to her that black women actually make less than their white counterparts. "Black women are paid less than white women, this is a fact," Seales began. "So even though I didn’t speak anything about the workplace, this is clearly a concern that you’re dealing with in HR."

"I am a human resource of knowledge so you did come to the right place," she continued. "Alright, your issue is that you feel that I am falsifying facts by stating that there is a distinction between the rights of black women and white women. So you feel that you and I are equal."

After her response, the woman said that she would at least like if white and black women were equal. Seales fired back with an annihilating but accurate detailed response about the realities black women and black people face as a whole and confronted the women on her usage of white privilege to challenge her talents and reality as a black woman.

"This is the thing you’re sitting up here and you’re saying you want me to stand up for equal rights," she said. "You seem to think that by me acknowledging that they are not equal that I don’t stand for it. The reality is that we have different experiences, we have different cultures. You can’t do the electric slide."

"You put yourself on a stage with somebody who does for a living professionally, because your privilege made you think, it’s fine, 'Whatever I can do it to her," she added. "The reality of this situation is no we do not have the same experience. And if you get pulled over tonight you have way less of a possibility to get killed than I do. And that’s a fact."

Watch the whole ordeal  below:


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*Law & Order intro voice* This woman of white privilege was in a disruptive huff at my material. I confronted her about it and invited her to get on stage if she really wanted to be verbally mollywhopped by a smart, funny, and black woman, with a mic. She did. This video is the result of her hubris. #proteckyaneck #ngmfu2019 #wokefam 🎥: @chineducomedy

A post shared by amandaseales (@amandaseales) on Jan 12, 2019 at 6:14pm PST



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Coachella Co-Founder Details Kanye West's Decision To Pull Out Of Performance

It’s safe to say Kanye West definitely knows what he wants, which is why he dropped out of headlining Coachella this year. The festival’s co-founder, Paul Tollett, recently told the Los Angeles Times Ye pulled out just two days before the line-up was announced on Jan. 3 over stage design constraints.

Tollett revealed that while Yeezy’s ideas were great, they were unable to execute them at that level. He hopes in the future Mr. West and the team could negotiate another performance.

“He has some great [production] ideas, but we just weren’t able to pull them off right now,” Tollett confirmed. “I’d like to circle back with him and figure out a future plan of what to do with what’s in his head…Up until Jan. 1, we were making a poster with Kanye on it. We started realizing we’re probably going to have an impasse production-wise.”

According to Billboard, West ended the negotiation with Coachella because it couldn’t build a giant dome over the stage. Ariana Grande will reportedly take West's spot.

Alongside Grande, Childish Gambino, and Tame Impala will headline the Coachella stage in Indio, California. Prominent performances by Bad Bunny, Solange, J. Balvin, YG, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Khalid, Anderson. Paak, and more are on the bill. The festival will take place on the weekends of Apr. 12-14 and Apr. 19-21.

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French Montana On R. Kelly: "Whatever Happened, Happened"

Days after the premiere of dream hampton's gripping Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, the allegations about the singer-songwriter have polarized viewers even more. Some are calling for Kelly's music to be removed from streaming platforms, while others believe the victims are only coming forward for a money grab.

TMZ reporters caught up with French Montana recently and asked the rapper his thoughts on R. Kelly, to which Montana offered a casual response while singing the lyrics to Kelly's 1993 hit "Bump N' Grind."

"Man, I just think, they don't let anybody have their legendary moments," he said. "They did Michael Jackson like that. They did R. Kelly like that. All the greats went down like that, man.

"Let somebody enjoy their legacy, man. Whatever happened, happened." Montana said.

The six-part Lifetime docuseries outlined R.Kelly's life, starting with his Chicago childhood and his own molestation, all the way up to present day. Several women spoke on camera and alleged to have met Kelly when they were teens, and in detail discussed the physical and sexual abuse they experienced.

Since then, protests from supporters and those against the singer have been staged outside of his studio. Kelly, however, was seen at a Chicago nightclub on his birthday, seemingly unaffected by the docuseries.


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