Chance The Rapper Reacts To Austin Bombings: “Someone Is Serial Murdering Black And Latinos”


A series of bombings in Austin, Texas has left many residents terrified and without words. Amid the chaos, a number of supporters and celebrities have been offering words of encouragement and hope during the tough time. Specifically, Chance the Rapper used his voice on Twitter on Mar. 20, to call for immediate action.

Chance decided to speak out on social media just hours after a package reportedly exploded in a FedEX distribution center near San Antonio. The recent incident was reportedly the fifth explosion to hit the region in the last three weeks.

In response to the reports, Chance claimed it was a direct hit on black and brown people. “Someone is serial murdering Black and Latino men and women in Texas right now. One of them was just a boy,” he wrote.

He also urged residents to push their leaders and legislators to create actual reform. “Hold your leaders accountable,” he continued. “Even if you aren’t from Texas, your elected officials should be talking about this. #AustinBombings.”

Like Chano, many believe the recent bombings have been targeting specific racial communities. The first three bombings reportedly occurred in black and Latin neighborhoods. The explosion on Sunday (Mar. 18) however, reportedly went off in a primarily white, residential area, which led authorities to believe the attacks may be random.

“We believe that the recent explosive incidents that have occurred in the city of Austin were meant to send a message,” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said Sunday, according to CNN. “The person or persons understands what that message is and are responsible for constructing or delivering the devices and we hope this person or persons is watching and will reach out to us before anyone else is injured or anyone else is killed out of this event.”

Authorities reportedly believe the bombings are related. They are offering a $100,000 reward to anyone with information that could lead to an arrest.