Charlamagne Dubs Lil Xan ‘Donkey Of The Day’ For Tupac Comment And Hip-Hop Ban


Hip-hop’s tension between old-heads and the newer generation is something that may never go away. The generational disconnect is even more present now than years prior, still, that doesn’t create a free pass to scorn legends and predecessors, which is why The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God gave Los Angeles-based rapper Lil Xan “Donkey Of The Day.”

Xan, who will soon change his name to Diego after revealing he’s through with popping Xanax, sat with Revolt TV ranking things on a clout scale of one to 10. When Tupac was brought up, the “Xanarchy” rapper gave him a two.

“It’s boring music,” The 21 year old shrugged.

The hip-hop community combusted, flaming the rapper. Charlamagne, appalled like many others, wondered if “these new kids even know the definition of clout.”

“Without question Tupac Shakur is top three, if not the most influential rapper of all time,” he said. “Tupac has been dead longer than you’ve been alive. You are 21 (years old). He’s been dead for 22 years, and for the past 22 years Pac and death is more famous, more influential, and more powerful than you are right now, alive.”

Charlamagne wasn’t the only one insulted by Xan’s comment. Waka Flocka demanded he be banned from hip-hop. Comedian Michael Rapaport ripped into Xan on Instagram, insisting he apologize to “whoever the f**k raised you, or didn’t raise you, to be a dumb f**k.”

Once the pill-named rapper noticed the backlash on social media, he said he’s done doing interviews.

Listen to the full clip below.