Chuck Strangers And Issa Gold Create Loud “Peaceful” Music


Pro Era’s Chuck Strangers’ debut album Consumers Park is less than 48 hours away. Following the release of the Joey Bada$$-assisted, “Style Wars,” and “80 Blocks,” the Flatbush, Brooklyn-bred joined forces with Flatbush Zombies member, Issa Gold, for a smooth record titled, “Peaceful.”

Over a slow burning and self-produced instrumental, Chuck and Gold ease over stories of men living about billion dollars below the poverty line who decide to get up and get some paper.

“Young, black, handsome, tryna survive/Only worry ’bout mine/Friends come and go, casualties of the crime/I got dollars on my mind/Broke, hungry, and crime/Yo we juggin’ out of hunger ’bout to cross that line/Yo we runnin’ out of options, it’s about that time,” raps Strangers.

Some may know Chuck Strangers as Pro Era’s in-house producer, but the multitalented artist has been rapping just as long as he’s been crafting brooding instrumentals. He was featured on early Pro Era cuts like “FromdaTomb,” and “Suspect.”

Strangers recently spoke with Billboard about his debut album as well as MCing.

“Well, I was always an MC. Pro Era met me rapping, you know what I mean? I wasn’t doing one or the other,” Chuck said to Billboad. “As soon as I started making beats I was rapping. It just took me some time to get better at rapping. When I met Joey and the rest of Pro Era I realized I wasn’t as good as them at rapping or whatever so I was just honestly getting in where I fit in. I thought, “Alright, they like my beats, so fuck it.” They liked my raps too. They encouraged me to rap more and more.”

Stream “Peaceful” below.