Craig Mack’s Church Rejects Diddy’s Offer To Fund Memorial Service


Craig Mack’s longtime friend and hip-hop staple DJ Scratch has clarified comments about the rapper’s memorial service, indicating that Diddy was actually unaware that it was taking place.

Scratch took to Instagram Thursday (Mar. 29) after his initial comments about the lack of industry/famous friends who weren’t at Mack’s service in Long Island earlier that day drew criticism to people like Diddy and Eric Sermon. Scratch claimed Diddy didn’t know about the memorial, which was the second one planned for the rapper. Mack was reportedly buried on his land by The Pentecostal Overcome Ministry in South Carolina, 24 hours after his death.

“When I left Craig’s memorial service I called Diddy to thank him for giving Craig the platform for the world to know Craig Mack’s music,” Scratch captioned his follow up post. “I told him I just left the service, he said ‘They buried Craig already, what service are you talking about?!?'”

Scratch also mentioned Diddy wanted to pay for the funeral, but leaders from the ministry rejected the offer. No friends or affiliates were allowed to the first funeral so Mack’s childhood friend and producer Alvin Toney organized the second one.

“If you look at my post the day Craig passed I praised Diddy for signing Craig because I saw what he went through,” he added. “I said no famous people showed up to Craig’s memorial service was weird because I saw so much love online, but I didn’t see a line outside. If Diddy didn’t say yes [to signing him], there be no “Flava” in our ears. Salute Diddy!!!”

Shaheem Reid of Revolt was in attendance and spoke with Mack’s close friends like Scratch, June Balloon and Diamond J.

Watch the segment below.