David Ortiz Speaks Out Against The Femicide Epidemic In The Dominican Republic


Former Boston Red Sox all-star hitter, David Ortiz took the stage at this year’s Premios Soberano in the Dominican Republic, to address the massive homicide rates of women happening on his native island. According to Dominican newspaper El Dia, more than 1,200 femicides have taken place over the last 13 years in DR. Before mentioning the nominees for Best Weekly Variety Show, el Big Papi made it a point to denounce the plaguing issue at hand.

“David, the one before you, is a man who’s had to fight during every phase of his life. I had to face obstacles, conquer fears and overcome adversity,” he began. “I know that in their homes, many women at this moment, are living through their own nightmares. This phenomenon of femicides in our society is going viral.”

He continued: “This needs to stop. We need to stop them. This has to end. Remember that we’re killing the only being, after God, that gives us life. Women have the right to live life with respect, dignity and tolerance. I invite you all to raise your voices. Violence against women is not a game.”

Back in September 2017, the killing of 16-year-old Emely Peguero made national headlines, as she was tragically killed at the hands of her boyfriend, Marlon Martinez. She was reportedly five months pregnant and left on the side of a road, inside a suitcase. Since abortions are illegal in the Dominican Republic, Martinez allegedly performed a botched abortion, and she bled to death as a result.

Both Martinez and his mother Marlyn Martinez (reports say she ordered him to kill Peguero) are currently incarcerated. The case received much support from the masses. Bronx rapper and staunch feminist, Cardi B also spoke out against her killing.