DJ Envy Defends Wife In Heated Argument With Desus & Mero On ‘The Breakfast Club’


You never know what (or who) might pop off on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, and today’s heated discussion was certainly no different.

Host DJ Envy defended his wife Gia Casey, who was the subject of comments made by the radio show’s Thursday morning (Mar. 15) guests, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero of Viceland’s late-night show, Desus & Mero.

In a clip from a few episodes ago, Desus and Mero poked fun at Casey and Envy’s appearance on The Real, where they were upfront and honest about Envy’s past infidelity. The Bodega Boys said that Casey was chasing “DJ Envy checks” and didn’t go through with a divorce because of it.

Envy fired back and said that his wife was making money before he was, and that their joke was “disrespectful.”

“You can talk about me all day, you can make jokes at me, but when it comes about my wife and my family, it’s a little disrespectful,” he chastised. He also said that as a married man with children, Mero should know better.

“You should know that immediately…[my wife thought] it was absolutely disrespectful…never my wife or kids,” he continued.

The comedic twosome were claro on the situation, however, they continued to make small jokes at Envy’s expense, such as participating in a “celebrity boxing match” for cash. The host took his headphones off and left the studio shortly after.

“Anything with his wife is gonna set him off,” noted Angela Yee after her co-host’s departure. “Gia has held him down since the beginning…”

“We had no malice by that…anybody listening to this, if we have ever roasted you, I’m sorry,” said Desus. “People don’t have to accept your apology.”

What do you think? Is family off limits at all times, or was Envy being too sensitive about the joke? Sound off in the comments.