DJ Envy Explains Why He Walked Out Of Spicy ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview With Desus & Mero


DJ Envy says everything is good with comedians Desus and Mero following a very testy interview on The Breakfast Club. 

The radio personality chopped it up with TMZ after Thursday’s (Mar. 15) interview to explain why he walked out  minutes into The Breakfast Club’s interview with the duo. Just weeks prior, Envy and his wife Gia Casey appeared on The Real to discuss their marital woes with Desus and Mero providing comedic commentary on their VICELAND series, Desus & Mero. After the two apologized for their jokes, Envy continued to talk about it and exited the room. Envy addressed a few points, including why he expressed his feelings about the incident on air.

“I wanted to address them publicly since they disrespected my wife publicly, that’s why I did it live on air,” he said. “They made fun of it, which was fine, but when they insinuated my wife was with me for the checks, that’s when it got to me. She’s been with me since we were 15 and I couldn’t believe they would say something like that.”

Envy says he also decided to leave because he didn’t want to situation to escalate since his co-host Charlamagne continued to crack jokes about it. He also says it wasn’t staged or planned.

“I didn’t leave as a joke, it was a heated moment and they needed to know I was serious,” he said. “As men, we can have a disagreement. I just didn’t want to be in there while Charlamagne was being a jokester. It wasn’t staged or fake, this was serious and true to my heart.”

Meanwhile, Desus and Mero addressed the incident on their show Thursday evening with Desus questioning The Breakfast Club’s intentions.

“I was disappointed,” he said. “He could’ve called us. Charlamagne has my number, Joe Budden has my number but apparently you had time to call Budden about this. Why wait until we go on the show and now you’re trending and have one of the highest traffic viral clips out now? Next time you want a feature, go through ICM.”

With over a million views and counting, the guys do have a point. Like many of the spectators, the guys looked at the bigger picture and called out the elephant in the room. “We made a joke about you being a show with your wife for reasons I don’t have to say and you’re getting mad at me?” Desus said.

Envy doubled down on defending his actions and says the comedians are always welcomed back on the show. “There’s no beef with them and they’ll be invited on the show after that,” Envy said.

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