DMX’s Lawyer Asks Judge To Hear His Songs Before Tax Fraud Sentencing

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DMX is a few days away from his scheduled court appearance and sentencing for tax evasion, and his lawyer requested one last attempt to place the prosecution in his client’s shoes. Murray Richman reportedly asked the court to listen to X’s “Slippin” and “Convo” so they may “understand him genuinely.”

Seattle Times reports that Richman asked the judge to hear the 47-year-old rapper’s music as a way to get inside the mind and feelings of the fallen musician. “It is raw Earl,” Richman said in the court documents obtained by Seattle Times. “We are not here or desirous of molding him into what some may want to see; Earl is uniquely him and that is both his beauty of mind and his genius.”

The New York Daily News reports DMX, born Earl Simmons, was thrown in jail at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan on Jan. 30 after his bail was revoked. Documents state X left a court-mandated substance treatment facility and tested positive for cocaine and oxycodone.

Richman also asked the judge to sentence the “Last Hope” rapper to rehab instead of prison, citing his rough upbringing as one of the reasons he’s made grave mistakes. If DMX is kept out of prison, he can possibly earn the $1.7 million in taxes and $2.3 million in restitution he owes to pay back the government and support his 15 kids.

“For any plan to be successful we must get Mr. Simmons back to work and in a healthy manner,” Richman said. “He is one of the few people who indeed can achieve the restitution and make the government whole.”

Seattle Times reports DMX had a concert booked through July when his bail was revoked. His court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday (March 29).