Donald Glover Explains That Being A Rapper Is “Super Awkward”

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Donald Glover explained during his appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert that being a rapper is “super awkward.”

“You’re in a video and you’ve got, like, champagne and butts close to your face,” he said. “And then you have to go to Whole Foods. And the person’s like, ‘hey, you’re that dude,’ and you’re like, ‘please, I really wanna buy this ice cream.’ But they’re like, ‘yo, you gotta be you right now, so let’s take this picture.’ You have to be that wrestler face, but in the real world, all the time.”

By wrestler face, the Atlanta creator and star means that he’s putting on a personality depending on who he needs to be in the moment.

“I feel like [Childish Gambino] does [have a different face], but I don’t think anyone else sees it,” Glover told Colbert.

What’s the difference between Donald Glover and his rap persona, Childish Gambino, you ask? According to his facial expressions, Glover seems a bit more energetic, while Childish Gambino seems more serious.

In addition to his conversation about rap and the upcoming season of Atlanta, Glover met Girl Scout Charity Joy Harrison, who went viral with her cookie twist on his Grammy-winning track “Redbone.”

“Childish Gambino is for the children, it’s beautiful and also crazy to me!” he smiled, before ordering 113 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from Miss Charity (Thin Mints to be exact), so she could meet her selling goal.

Check out the conversation below.