PETA Wants Drake To Rethink Partnership With Canada Goose


Earlier this month, Drake shared that he’s canceling meat from his diet. Now, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants the Toronto native to take his new lifestyle a step further.

According to The Fader, PETA penned a statement to the “Headlines” rapper, calling for his imprint, October’s Very Own (OVO) to sever ties with outerwear brand, Canada Goose. The organization claims the longstanding business practices cruel and inhumane tactics to secure insulation and other materials for their parkas. “The company also uses painful steel traps to catch wild coyotes,” PETA revealed. Canada Goose and Drake have been partners since 2010.

“Drake’s decision to ditch meat is widely beneficial – to him, to the environment, and, of course, to animals. By not eating them, he’s sparing countless animals torture and death,” a statement reads on PETA’s website. “But there’s one more step that he should take to help prevent animal suffering: He must end the partnership between his company, October’s Very Own (OVO), and Canada Goose immediately.”

PETA also highlighted the “God’s Plan” artist’s moral standing on the issue to help fans encourage him to seek out a new “progressive brand,” writing, “There’s no excuse for an artist and role model of Drake’s caliber to disregard the acute suffering of sensitive, feeling beings.”