Eskeerdo Slows It Down For His New Song “Again”


Eskeerdo’s life is full of ups and downs, but he can’t seem to shake off the maniacal women who try to steal his heart. For most of 2018, the Grammy-award winning songwriter from Dade County has taken pride in riding “solo” throughout his pursuit for more cash. Now it seems like the side effects of his loneliness are starting to get to him.

Last week, Eskeerdo posted a teaser for his new single “Again.” In the video, we see the Cuban-American wordsmith washing down his frustrations with a bottle of Hennessy while rocking a Versace robe. As he sits by his pool filled with money and empty champagne bottles, his melodic vocals ride smooth over a mellow instrumental crafted by DJ Infamous and The Agency.

Over the weekend (Mar. 23), Eskeerdo officially dropped the full version of “Again.” The song isn’t long, but it serves as the precursor to what he’s got planned for 2018, which judging on his brief visual may or may not including a project called Money Changes Everything.

Stream the full version of Eskeerdo’s new song “Again” below.

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