Exclusive: On His New Single Lambo Anlo Brings Fat Trel To Stress All They Do Is “4U”


Youthful energy is always welcomed in Hip-Hop. It’s especially welcomed when it comes packaged in talent that’s natural and has the potential to grow. Lambo Anlo, of the D.C. area, has that quality and then some. When he came to our VIBE office a few months ago, I saw a guy that easily mingled with our team of editors to the point that he ended up playing card games with the staff. The ladies were struck with his coolness, trust. So hearing his music that day was an after thought, as his laid back demeanor offered sincere talk about his ambitions and goals for his career.

Fast forward to his new single, “4U” featuring Fat Trel, Lambo isn’t taking it easy on the mic. He’s fully charged and amped to get his voice out in the crowd of MCs dominating the game. With the topic basically letting a shorty know how dope he is, the single can also be taken as an ode to the game he’s about to holla at and let know that he’s now. It’s also refreshing to hear Fat Trel get some stark bar work in on the trap rap version of a lullaby beat.

Where Lambo goes from here is totally up to him. He has the backing of Rostrum Records, who have helped the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller become super stars. Let’s see where this journey goes. Check the new single and his previous track’s video “On My Way”.