Fans Got A Kick Out Of Lil Dicky And Chris Brown’s New Video “Freaky Friday”


Lil Dicky and Chris Brown dropped the visuals for their new single, “Freaky Friday” on Mar. 15, and fans probably got the best laugh they’ve had all week. The dynamic duo provided hilarious visuals that pulled from the popular 2003 feature film of the single’s same name.

The original Freaky Friday film depicted a mother and daughter (Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan) who had switched bodies after a weird trip to a restaurant. Much like the original, Lil Dicky starts the music video in a dining spot. After wishing that he could “be somebody else” for a day and catching the tail end of Breezy’s televised interview, Dicky cracks open a fortune cookie, and his wish comes true.

For the rest of the 5-minute video, CB (who is supposed to have Dicky in his body) parties it up, basking his new life. Lil Dicky as Chris Brown gets to say the n-word and party with mobs of women.

On the other hand, Chris is seeing what it’s like to be Dicky for the day, and it’s not too bad. He realizes no one is taking photos of him or judging him over his “controversial past.” 

Eventually the two find each other in the club and switch back to their original bodies before engaging in a sick dance routine. Dicky also manages to switch bodies with Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled, and Kendall Jenner at the video’s conclusion.

Following the video’s release, a number of fans applauded both Dicky and Brown for being innovative. The video is still a trending topic on Twitter. Check out the video and fan reactions here.