Authorities To Release Footage Of Unarmed Father Shot By Sacramento Police Officers


The Sacramento Police department has plans to release the footage of the fatal police shooting of unarmed man, Stephon “Zoe” Clark.

The Sacramento Bee reports authorities will release footage of the Sunday shooting (Mar. 19), including dashboard, body cam as well as arial footage from a patrol helicopter. Clark, 22, was killed by two Sacramento police officers while trying to enter his grandmother’s home. The officers reportedly believed Clark was a robbery suspect with a gun and a crowbar, but the father of three only had a cellphone in his possession. The officers fired their weapons 20 times, although it isn’t known how many times Clark was hit.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg told reporters Tuesday (Mar. 20), Chief Daniel Hahn will rush the process to obtain the footage of the incident.

Speaking with ABC10, Clark’s girlfriend Salena Manni said he never wanted to leave his children. After finding out about the shooting, Manni struggled to explain the family’s lost to their children. “I have to wake up every morning to my kids asking me, ‘Where’s Daddy? Let’s go get Daddy,'” Manni said. “‘Daddy’s always in our hearts forever. Don’t forget that.’ Even today, my son he doesn’t understand hearts and tummies. He goes ‘Daddy’s with me. He’s in my tummy.'”

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The couple of five years had three children; Salena, Aiden, and Ciaro. Manni went on to question why he was targeting by the officers. “I know for a fact he was so scared, scared for his life,” said Manni. “He had too much to lose… he would never want to leave his kids.”

Supporters of Clark have already gone to the California State Capitol Building to raise awareness about the police-related shooting.

A GoFundMe has been created for Clark’s family to cover funeral costs and other resources for the family. So far, $8,300 has been raised out of the $10,000 goal. You can donate here.

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