A Fourth Austin Package Bomb Explodes Leaving Two Injured


The Austin, Texas community is on edge after its been reported a fourth package has exploded, this time by a tripwire, leaving two unidentified men with serious but non-threatening injuries.

According to The Washington Postthe men in their 20s were injured as they rode their bikes on the 4800 block of Dawn Song Drive. Unlike the other packages which detonated when they were picked up after being left on the front door of homes, these packages were left on the side of the road, interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said. Manley is now certain this incident, along with the three others are related.

“We are working under the belief that this is related to the other bombing incidents that have occurred in our community over the last couple weeks,” Manley said at a news conference Monday morning. (March 19)

The three other bombing incidents took the life of Draylen Mason,a 17-year-old college bound musician, a 39 year old construction and seriously injured a 75-year-old unidentified woman. After Sunday’s explosion, Manley is urging residents to be cautious and not open random packages.

“Given the darkness, we have not really had the opportunity to really look at this blast site to determine what has happened,” Manley said. “It’s obvious there’s been an explosion; it’s obvious it caused significant injures to two people, and it is important right now for anyone in the neighborhood behind us to remain inside and give us time to work through this.”