Exclusive: Preview G-Eazy’s New Track In Celebration Of Stillhouse Black Bourbon Release


G-Eazy has teamed up with Stillhouse Spirits Co. in order to promote the new release of the company’s Stillhouse Black Bourbon. And in celebration of the new launch, VIBE has got the exclusive first listen of the Bay Area artist’s new track “My Next Fix,” and it’s as smooth at the bourbon.

The full track can be heard on an exclusive download that is only available via a 10-digit serial number located on the side of every 750mL can of Stillhouse Black Bourbon. According to our exclusive teaser however, the single has an old-timey, jazz vibe.

Yeah, ah, I take a sip another sip, repeat. Continue on until I’m finished with this whiskey neat. My liquor is the color brown, nothin’ in my life is ever watered down,” raps G-Eazy on the song.

CREDIT: Stillhouse Spirits Co.

G-Eazy reportedly became an investing partner and co-creative director at Stillhouse in Summer 2017. The spirits company is most notably recognized for its mixable whiskey, including: Original, Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip, Red Hot and Spiced Cherry (limited release).

In addition to the new drop, G-Eazy is performing at the “Stay Amped” gun violence safety benefit concert in Washington D.C. on Mar. 23.

Listen to the teaser of “My Next Fix” exclusively below.


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