GoldLink Takes On The Challenge Of Covering Pharrell’s “Frontin'”


After using a Grammy-nom to bridge the close but distant gap between Baltimore and Prince George’s County, Maryland/Washington, D.C., GoldLink continues to unite the Mid-Atlantic as he extends the DMV past Fairfax by reaching deep into the state to channel the aura of a Southern VA-native.

Link’s rendition of Pharrell’s classic “Frontin'” song was featured on Triplej’s “Like A Version” series. Here, he enlisted the help of Billy Davis and the Good Lords, an Australian-based band whose smooth sound aided in GoldLink’s take on the Neptunes and JAY-Z’s vibrant smash.

Although this live performance may seem like a stretch from the electro-soul instrumentals that ushered GoldLink into stardom, his roots in DMV centric genres of go-go and neo-soul provided a basis for the rapper to deliver a masterful cover of Pharrell’s 2003 single. And by changing the delivery of Jigga’s featured verse, GoldLink allowed the song to keep its polished, but rugged integrity despite toying with the instrumental arrangement.

This cover paired with the popular run of “Crew” creates much anticipation for GoldLink’s follow-up project, an excitement that can only be topped by his newly acquired title of “dad.”