College Cuts Hannibal Buress’ Routine For Making Jokes About The Catholic Church


On Saturday (Mar.17), Hannibal Buress’ mic was cut off mid-show and it was no error. The actor and comedian was invited to perform at Loyola University for the comedy portion of a two-day show, SF Gate reports.

Buress kicked off the short set at by sharing with the audience a message he received from those who planned the event. Some off the jokes prohibited included those on the lines of “rape, sexual assault, race, sexual orientation/gender.” Burress reportedly called event heads “bi**h a** old people” and said, “Y’all f**k kids, right?,” in reference to the Roman Catholic Church’s disturbing history of child sexual abuse.

College newspaper the Loyola Phoenix notes Buress’ microphone went out shortly after. While the crowd jeered, Buress attempted to continue the show with no mic. But the background music was increased until his exit. Buress left the stage for about 15 minutes, though not accepting defeat. The comedian reportedly came back to finish his set after listening to the students demand refunds.

Many students were frustrated at the school’s reaction since the institution has encouraged “speaking up and speaking out.” Buress is known for joking about contentious topics, having reinvigorated Bill Cosby’s long list of rape allegations in 2014.