There’s Actually A Wrong Way To Do The ‘Wakanda Salute’

The Wakanda salute is simple to understand but Black Panther star Daniel Kaluuya offered a simple tip to Tiffany Haddish to make sure hers was just right.

The adorable moment happened during the Oscars red carpet Sunday (Mar. 4) when the funny lady interrupted ABC host Michael Strahan’s interview with the Best Actor nominee. While dressed in her Eritrea-themed gown, Haddish stepped on the platform greeting the guys with, “The Princess of Eritrea has arrived.” It was a quick flip on the Black Panther line (“The Prince of T’Challa has arrived”), which went over Strahan’s head.

Kaluuya welcomed the moment with a smile as Haddish did battle move from the film. The actor, who plays W’Kabi, the head of security of Wakanda’s Border Tribe, showed the actress how to properly do the Wakanda salute.

“It’s right over left, right over left,” Kaluuya said.

The cast has enjoyed exchanging the salute. Chadwick Boseman did the move at the Spirit Awards while presented the award for Best Feature to Jordan Peele and Kaluuya for Get Out.

Check out both moments and the Black Panther cast’s spin on the Wakanda salute below.

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