Jamaican Artist Sues Miley Cyrus Over 2013 Single

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Miley Cyrus is in a bit of a legal jam. A Jamaican artist is reportedly suing the pop star over her 2013 single, “We Can’t Stop.” Jamrock singer, Flourgon says Cyrus copied a single he made in 1988.

Flourgon’s 1988 track is called “We Run Things,” which he¬†claims is similar to “We Can’t Stop.”In the lawsuit, Flourgon alleges Miley borrowed his “unique and creative lyrical phraseology in order to establish an overarching and pervasive theme… in the realm of self-discovery and self-governings,” TMZ reports. In translation, Flourgon thinks Miley’s pronouncement of not being able to stop is equivalent to saying that he runs things.

It may be a little difficult for Flourgon to make his case though. “We Run Things” came out four years before Miley was born, and it never actually charted in the U.S. The songs also don’t sound alike.¬†Even so, the singer is reportedly looking for the judge to rule in his favor based on the phraseology alone.

Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” was the first single released from her Bangerz album. Flourgon is suing the pop star and Sony Music to block further distribution, sales, and live performances of the single. It is unclear how much money he is suing for at this time.

Listen to both singles below and see if Flourgon has a case.


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