Jeezy Announces Final Album: “It’s Time For Graduation”

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The triumphant tenure of trap pioneer, Jeezy, will be coming to an end as he revealed that he will be retiring from hip-hop.

Jeezy took to Twitter where he announced that his next album, Thug Motivation 104 (TM104), will be the final installation of his Thug Motivation album series and the conclusion his career.

“As the Cold Summer tour comes to (an) end. It was inspiring seeing my day one fans since my first album and class, TM 101, come out every night. Now class is coming to (an) end. It’s time for graduation! My last album and final class: TM104,” Jeezy tweeted ending the post by using an emoji to cleverly allude to his “Snowman” alias.

While the motive for his withdraw from creating is unknown, this move might be more of a step to the side rather than a step back. He his a history of molding the careers of artists. Even though the Snowman may only be moving slightly out of arm’s reach, the void his absence will bring can be credited the impact of his legendary career.

From having his Snowman shirts banned to his early support of Barack Obama, Jeezy’s unique ability to convey a message makes him one of the more respected personalities within the genre. Because of this, the story Jeezy has been telling since Thug Motivation 101 resonates with the JAY-Zs of New York, the YGs of Compton, and the Payrolls of Detroit – thus, gifting Jeezy the opportunity to leave the mic as it is clear his influence will live on.