Jhene Aiko Releases 2 Vivid Videos For New Single “Never Call Me” (feat. Kurupt)


Throughout her career, Jhene Aiko has never been discreet about her emotions and tribulations. For her new single with Kurupt, “Never Call Me,” she paints 2 vivid pictures as her somber lyrics take listeners to another realm of her hometown.

The Slauson Hills Edition, which premiered on Billboard, shows Aiko returning to her old stomping grounds of South Central, L.A. Shot between modern and vintage filters, we see a bevy of Left Coast superstars in the video including Nipsey Hu$$le, Lauren London, Daylyt, Dom Kennedy, Hit-Boy, and Casey Veggies among many more.

“I love where I’m from. I put on for my city as often as possible,” Jhene tells Billboard in a recent interview. “I visit my neighborhood as often as possible. I talk about my neighborhood a few times in the song, so I wanted to show people where I’m from and introduce my fans to the people I love… my family and the people I grew up with.”

The hood gives her mad love throughout as she vividly recreates the early days of her career and the magical fellowship among her Cali contemporaries. In the second version, Jhene relives the tragic passing of her brother and gets in touch with her Japanese roots.

“I have a lot of pride in my city and I’m especially proud of all the artists born and raised in Los Angeles like me,” she says. “We all work really hard even though we’ve been blessed to be born in the greatest city on earth! It’s a beautiful thing when we can all come together and support each other.”

The second and more conceptualized visual, which debuted on Refinery29 shows Aiko draw inspiration from her Japanese heritage. The captivating video shows her portrayed as the Shinto goddess of creation and death, Izanami no Mikoto. "I’m really big on drawing inspiration from the different cultures I’m mixed with," Aiko, who is quarter Japanese, told Refinery29. "This is my interpretation of Izanami no mikoto." "The funeral is for a man I knew personally. A man who lost his way," Aiko explains. "A man who played the victim in a situation where he surely was not. A man who is a liar and cheater. A man who has lost his pride and integrity due to his deceptive ways and lack of understanding love. This funeral is the funeral for his ego. In this visual, I portray the goddess of creation and death, coming to collect his poor spirit and set it free." [videoembed size="full_width" alignment="center"]

Jhene Aiko’s sophomore album, Trip, is now available on all streaming services and digital platforms.