Kanye West Blasted Over Wearing ‘Free O.J.’ T-Shirt

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Thanks to FOX’s recent special, “If I Did It,” the media is talking about O.J. Simpson once again. While many seem to be split regarding Simpson’s guilt in the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, prosecutor Chris Darden’s opinion has not altered. Darden recently sat on a panel with Soledad O’Brien, in which the panelists discussed Simpson’s freedom. Shockingly, Darden took a jab at Kanye West over a particular fashion choice and other “doubters.”

Darden reportedly took issue with Kanye using O.J.’s murder case as a fashion statement. “I’m watching TV one day, and I see Kanye West wearing a t-shirt that says Free O.J.,” he recalled during the discussion. “Well, you freed him, and look what you freed.”

A previously noted, Darden was apart of the prosecution team in O.J.’s murder trial. In addition to Kanye’s t-shirt, Darden also criticized the recent special. “If I Did It” reportedly featured an unreleased interview with O.J., in which he seemingly copped to the murders of his ex-wife and Goldman. At first, Simpson talked about the murders in a hypothetical sense, but eventually lapsed into a first person rhetoric, leaving many to believe that he actually did commit murder. Of the special, Darden said: “25 years of nonsense, and now here he is to explain to all of the naysayers and all of the doubters.”

Watch the clip of Darden below.