Keri Hilson Says She Was “Severely Unhappy” At Pinnacle Of Her Career

Mental health has become a hot topic in the last few months as rappers and celebrities alike have vocalized their personal struggles. In a recent sit-down, singer-songwriter Keri Hilson revealed she suffered from a seven-year bout of depression which in turn hindered her career.

Hilson said despite the success of her 2009 debut In a Perfect World, two Grammy nominations that same year, and the virality of her hit single “Pretty Girl Rock” from her No Boys Allowed follow-up, the artist said talks of a hiatus became more and more of a reality.

“When ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ was at the top of the charts, I was bearing the weight of some personal and professional mistakes and they just weighed so, so, so, so heavy on my spirit,” Hilson said during a Silence the Shame panel. “I just wasn’t myself although I was at the mountaintop of my life really, the trajectory of my dream, at the pinnacle. I was severely unhappy.”

Silence the Shame is an organization created by veteran music executive Shanti Das, who also suffered from depression. Das now uses her panel as a way to get people from all backgrounds to open the conversation about mental health’s stigmas.

The 35-year-old said that many factors weighed her down, especially the end of her 11-year relationship. “I was crying before the stage. I was crying on the stage. I was crying after the stage,” Hilson said. “I was barely keeping my makeup on through the tears…It was just dark.”

Hilson’s reveal with mental health begins at the 11:00 mark.