Kid Ink Wants To Build Bridges Not Walls In “Tell Somebody” Video


Last month, Kid Ink teased his comeback with his refreshing, upbeat single “Tell Somebody,” but now he’s using it to make a statement about his thoughts on the immigration crisis in the U.S. The California native traveled across the controversial border into Mexico to tell a love story with more emotions than Romeo + Juliet due.

“I’m not a political activist,” Kid Ink said about the video in a press release. “Instead of doing the typical rap video, I wanted to touch on something that matters to the world and present an example of a reason why this direction is a bad idea.”

Shot in Mexico, Kid Ink describes the story of how an American man and a beautiful Latina develop an intimate relationship that can’t grow beyond the border. As the U.S. Border Patrol develops new strategies to catch illegal immigrants from leaving the country, the couple establishes a seemingly unbreakable bond while they go on romantic dates, enjoy the city and beaches. Kid Ink stands on an isolated ridge cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, hits the scenic desert, and offers glimpses of the border wall construction can be seen throughout the story.

Eventually, the American man has to go back home to the United States, and he wants his lady come back with him. His girl hopelessly declines the offer because her family is in Mexico, and she doesn’t want to break the law. As the relationship dies, Kid Ink leaves an important message for everyone watching: “Build Bridges Not Walls.”

Watch Kid Ink’s powerful video for “Tell Somebody” below.