Kym Whitley Weighs In On Mo’Nique’s Protest Against Netflix


Mo’Nique’s January request for a Netflix boycott has been a topic of heavy discussion over the last couple of months. The initial statements and its follow-ups have received support and critique from fans and celebrities alike, though a potential boycott is still brewing.

Netflix sees steady growth in subscribers and original series. Even the Obamas are inquiring about their own series, a win for the streaming giant as political figures usually take their stories solely to publishing houses. The contentious topic has forced many to question the validity of the comedienne’s argument. Is it weightless or too touchy to be involved with?

Mo’Nique has spoken on multiple platforms about the issue and other celebrities have been asked to weigh in, too. Amongst the many, there is now Kym Whitley who has her own take on the situation, perhaps an explanation for the amount of support.

As a guest on ESSENCE’s “Yes, Girl!” podcast, Whitley said that she wants success for Mo’Nique. She understands and relates to the wage gap fight but she worries that Mo’Nique’s strategy will elicit repercussions–repercussions to be suffered by all black women in comedy.

“I just feel like her tactics are wrong. I believe she can go about it a different way,” Whitley told ESSENCE. “But sometimes you gotta make a lot of noise to get people to notice. My fear is that her tactics might hurt us or hurt the fight.”

Whitley fears that Mo’Nique’s approach will heighten the vulnerability of black women in similar situations in the future, but her opinion is coated in support. Whitley left ESSENCE with one overall message: “I want her to win.”

Stream the podcast below.