Watch La’Britney and Kash Doll Count Up Racks In “Actin Funny” Video


In the fast moving music industry everybody doesn’t respect the glow up, so Detroit’s fastest rising R&B and Hip-Hop stars La’Britney and Kash Doll got together to give listeners a new anthem for clapping back at the haters with “Actin’ Funny.”

Watch as the two D-Town queens flex and finesse with their riches in the colorful Fly Visuals-directed flick in their fliest fits. The duo take aim at the funny ways people change after you finally find success. Kash Doll especially comes through with bars like “I’m running up a big, big bag, all grit and grime/I’m talking 4.6 like a combine/Ketchup, mustard, all you bit**es getting left behind/All gas and no brakes like I ran a stop sign.”

La’Britney explains to PAPER Magazine, who premiered the record, how haters are often the people around you and how quickly they change when one becomes successful.

“As you’re growing, people around you can’t accept that you may be going places and doing things that they aren’t,” La’Britney explains. “Instead of being happy for you and supporting you, they hate on you, they get to actin’ funny. At the end of the day we can’t focus on the hate, all we can focus on is being great.”

“Actin’ Funny” is now available on for purchase and streaming on iTunes, Apple Music, and all other digital platforms.