Lil’ Wayne Finds A New Kind Of “Vizine” For His Bloodshot Eyes


Lil Wayne’s lyrical trigger can go off at any given moment. Without warning shots or any disclaimer, he destroys a new mixtape track for the Internet’s listening pleasure. When it comes to his new track “Vizine,” he starts off with a slow flow before proceeding his annihilation to the laid back beat.

“Got a lawyer and an agent but I’m the boss/And my heart always racing but never lost/Hello? I was the illest nigga on child support/Now I’m looking at the riot report/Went and looked at the final score/Bedroom got revolving doors/Bitches in and out smiling more/Than children smiling at a carnival/Ain’t got nothing in common but the common cold/Big B’s nigga, honor roll,” Weezy raps like a mad man on the slick new track. “Hold up, a nigga found the flow/Started from the bottom bitch/Never been monogamous/Never been monotonous/Never been anonymous/Money is unanimous/Always had accomplices/Always had conglomerates/Always let chopper clip stick out like a bottom lip/You running out of/ time, so you better know what time it is/You running out of tears and you running out of volunteers/Young Mula bitch, I die for the logo/Cocaine price low, call that a low blow.”

“Vizine” is slated to be included on clothing brand Ethika’s upcoming mixtape #RGB2, which will be released online on Wednesday (Mar 7). Listen to “Vizine” below.

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