Funkmaster Flex Explains Backstory Behind Lil Yachty’s Freestyle


Lil Yachty’s storied history with New York’s historic hip-hop station, Hot 97, is well known. From trading hugs and blows with Ebro to firing rapid-fire shots that showcase his rhyming skills at the station on songs like “For Hot 97,” Lil Yachty and the station have a long-standing love/hate relationship.

Yet, with his latest trip to Funkmaster Flex, the hatchet looks to have officially been buried. After explaining how an emotional Instagram post that Flex made about current rappers led to a phone call between the two, it seems like all it took was for Lil Boat to give Flex a talked-about freestyle for the two sides to lay down their arms.

Donning his signature red, beaded, plat braids, and gaudy jewelry, Yachty took a seat next to Flex embodying every generational aesthetic the legendary D.J. professes to despise. But by lacing Swishahouse’s “Still Tippin’” instrumental with nearly two minutes of braggadocious bars like “Front row at the ball / who that is dunkin’? / s**t that what his name / I don’t even f****n’ watch sports, but my backyard looks like a golf course,” Yachty impressed Flex and New York with his often overlooked lyrical skills.

On Instagram, Flex shared the behind-the-scenes rundown of how Yachty returned to the station. “Me and @lilyachty have bumped heads many times… I called #ChrisGreen phone a week ago and #TheBoat picked up.. he said “let’s have an interview,” Flex claimed. “I said ‘I don’t really do interviews BUT you can come up and get some bars popping?’ I didn’t think he would do it… but he called and said ‘I’m ready… I’m coming up there.'”