Mahalia Reflects On Her Road To Fame In “Proud Of Me” Video (feat. Little Simz)


Nineteen-year-old songstress Mahalia just released the video for her single “Proud of Me” featuring Little Simz. The heartfelt song finds the jazzy vocalist discussing her personal journey as she navigates her way through the music industry while simultaneously thanking family and friends for their help along the way.

The soulful yet delicate beat paired with her almost-pleading-vocals makes for a tribute record that you can feel upon the opening notes. In the video, the singer goes back to her roots as she travels to her hometown of Leicester (a city two hours north of London). With a group of old friends and family, the singer spends some time as she did before her music career took off.

Mid-way thru, however, the visuals cuts to a scene where she breaks down the premise of the song. “I wanted to the song to feel universal,” says Mahalia. “Though the song is personal and about me and my journey, me picking up my acoustic guitar at 13, working at the business. I wanted people to sing that chorus and feel like authentic like they could say brothers and sisters, I want to make you proud.”

Watch the video below.