McDonald’s Celebrates International Women’s Day By Flipping Iconic Golden Arches


McDonald’s is celebrating International Women’s Day by flipping their iconic golden arches upside-down to represent the letter W.

The arches in several locations have been flipped, as the fast-food company is partnering with International Women’s Day Thursday (Mar. 8) to support gender parity, and to celebrate the contributions of women to society and culture.

McDonald’s also shared a video on Twitter highlighting the story of Patricia Williams, an entrepreneur who owns 18 McDonald’s across the country with her two daughters.

“The opportunity for a mother to show her kids what it’s like to be her own boss, that was invaluable,” she says in the clip. “I was set on changing everyone’s mind. Not just for my family, but for the community around us that we worked so hard to build up.”

In a post on Medium, Wendy Lewis, McDonald’s Global Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President of Global Community Engagement, outlined the company’s commitment to “gender and ethnic equality and advancement.”

“From restaurant crew and management to our C-suite of senior leadership, Women play invaluable roles at all levels and together with our independent franchise owners we’re committed to their success,” she wrote.

“I know firsthand there is pride in our passion, commitment and responsibility to advance gender equality and that is evident throughout our organization, owner operators, and supply chain,” she continued. “So today we say thank you and celebrate the achievements of many and tomorrow we continue our collective journey to gender equality and diversity.”

Other iconic brands are putting a feminine twist on their male-featured logos this month as well. Brawny paper towels will feature a flannel-wearing woman instead of the Brawny man, for their #StrengthHasNoGender campaign, while Whiskey brand Johnnie Walker released labels featuring “Jane Walker” for the month of March.