MS-13 Gang Members Laugh In Court As Victims’ Families Grieve


MS-13 has been a target of Donald Trump’s campaign since the start of his presidency. The gang is infamous for its relentless violence and willingness to terrorize underserved communities. In 2016, this was made apparent as Kayla Cuevas, 16, and Nisa Mickens, 15, were murdered in Long Island, New York.

On Tuesday (Feb. 27), suspects Enrique Portillo, Jairo Saenz, and Alexi Saenz appeared in court and showed no guilt when they laughed and bantered while one of the families of the victims bleakly watched, Fox News reports.

Cuevas’ mother, Evelyn Rodriguez, has been a champion in speaking out about the horrors of gang violence since the death of her daughter. Politics aside, Rodriguez said her main goal is to get the proper resources and funding for children’s safety across the country.

“I’m not here for anybody’s political gain,” Rodriguez said to a New York Times reporter. “I just want what’s right to be done. Everybody should put their political agenda aside and think about what’s going on in our country.”

On Fox & Friends First, the grieving mother said everyone deserves to be a part of the American Dream until they break the law.

“I believe everyone should have that American dream…you do a criminal act, there are consequences to pay,” Rodriguez said. “They keep saying our kids are our future, so we need to protect them and that starts with school because it all originates in school.”