Ne-Yo Goes On Rant After ‘Good Man’ Comment Backfires


Ne-Yo is gearing up for the release of his self-proclaimed artistic new album Good Man, which he categorizes as a “ lead by example” project of what it means to be a good man to your significant other. Following social media backlash he received after attempting to offer relationship advice to his followers and onlookers, the Grammy-winning R&B artist opened up about his shortcomings and set the record straight about his current marriage.

When a new project is around the corner, it’s not astonishing to see artists tease fans on their social media, slyly alluding to project themes and tracks. Ne-Yo released the title track, “Good Man” last month (Feb. 8), so it makes sense that he post about making fidelity “cool again like 90’s R&B songs” on Instagram.

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I’m sayin’….#GoodManSeason

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The all-knowing and unforgiving Internet flammed the singer’s comments, mostly saying he should be the last one giving relationship advice since his ex-fiance Monyetta Shaw agreed to have her tubes tied and he called off the wedding two months before they were to tie the knot. Shortly after he married Crystal Renay and the two share a 22-month-old son Shaffer Chimere Jr. and welcomed a baby boy Tuesday (March 15).

Ne-Yo clapped back while clearing the air about his new marriage, saying he’s grown a lot over the years and never forced Shaw to get her tubes tied nor did he leave her to marry Renay.

“I’ve never claimed to be a ‘perfect man’ that isn’t real,” he wrote. “But I’ve also NEVER FORCED A WOMAN TO DO ANYTHING EVER IN MY LIFE … and so FOR THE LAST TIME I DID NOT force anyone to tie their tubes. I DID NOT leave the mother of my 1st two children for my current wife.”

Ne-Yo told Ebony Magazine he now understands the “importance of monogamy” and “what it is to be a good husband to your wife.” He wants to use his album to remind men what “we’re supposed to do in regard to these women and how we’re supposed to respect them and treat them.”

“I’m in this place now where I understand the importance of monogamy,” he said. “It makes you want to be monogamous versus feeling like you have to be monogamous because that’s ‘the right thing to do in a relationship.’ You know I’ve been that guy that would say whatever it is that felt like she wanted to hear, to get what I wanted … Not proud of that time in my life but on the other side of it, I kind of needed that time of my life to understand what it is to be to be monogamous and do right by your woman.”