Ne-Yo Explains The Laws Of Attraction With His New Single, “Push Back”


Ne-Yo continues to showcase his maturation with the release of “Push Back,” the latest single from his upcoming album, Good Man, which is set to release around August 2018.

Through “Push Back,” Ne-Yo cleverly keeps in tune with dancehall’s domination of mainstream music. He does this by enlisting feminine energies of bubbling sensation, Bebe Rexha, and British rapper, Stefflon Don, in a way that not only gives the song the pop-reggae feel Ne-Yo is looking for, but also aids in the record’s story of attraction.

“I love a woman who knows how to move. I love a woman that has her own self, her own heart, and mind. She’s comfortable with her body,” Ne-Yo explains when describing “Push Back’s” muses. “And when her song comes on, she’s gonna get up and move. She’s gonna show you just how confident and comfortable she is.”

This seductive confidence is mirrored by the contents of the song. By choosing to combine these two singers’ smooth voices with a Stefflon Don verse that is littered with Caribbean slang and delivered through her distinctively British accent, the song personifies the lustful ballad as a woman that would peak Ne-Yo’s interest.

Listen to Ne-Yo’s latest single, “Push Back.”