Gina Rodriguez And Netflix’s Romantic Comedy ‘Someone Great’ To Focus On Sisterhood

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Having already proven her prowess as an actor, Gina Rodriguez has signed up to produce and star in a Netflix original movie, Someone Great.

Directed and written by Kaytin Robinson, the romantic comedy chronicles the adventures of a broken-hearted woman in New York City, where she decides to go with her girlfriends after a precarious split. She decides to go on this trip right before she has to relocate across the country for her dream job. The film it set to start production in April.

While the movie is touted as a romcom, Rodriguez centers sisterhood, women empowerment and the act of becoming one’s own savior. Robinson echoed these sentiments recently on Twitter:

“I always wanted to watch a romantic comedy where a woman could be her own white knight. A movie that’s central love story revolves around female friendship. And now I get to make one. To be on this journey with @paulfeig, @HereIsGina and @netflix is a dream come true.”

This isn’t the first time the Jane The Virgin starlet has dabbled in the Netflix world; she’s also voicing the character of Carmen Sandiego for the streaming platform’s 2019 revival of Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? 

Rodriguez currently stars opposite of Natalie Portman in Annihilation, in theaters now.