Nick Grant Returns Home In His “96 Bulls” Video


Nick Grant’s Southern roots will always have a special place in his heart. Though he often gets comparisons to MCs from New York City, the South Caroline native knows where his home is.

After dropping a Lauryn Hill sampled track, Nick returns with a new video for “96 Bulls,” which finds him back in his hometown. The spitta is also gearing up to release his follow up project to Return of the Cool later this year.

“For me, it was my main album. The main dish was Sunday Dinner and the meat and potatoes of who I really am, how I grew up. The concept was really saying, ‘The only time I really saw my family was Sunday dinner,’ Nick told Billboard in 2017. “You know, my mother who’s on drugs, my father who’s in and out of my life, my grandmother who raised me, my uncle and drug-dealing cousins, and I’m one of the bad-ass kids at the end of the table — just watching all of these people, and looking at what I want to become and what I don’t want to become.”

Watch Nick’s “96 Bulls” music video.