OJ Simpson Hypothetically Confesses To The 1994 Murders During FOX Interview


After OJ Simpson was found not guilty for the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, speculation of OJ’s innocence continued to reach new levels of doubt. Fox aired a “lost” interview with The Juice Sunday night (March 11) and he gives a disturbingly detailed “hypothetical” account of what happened the night of the double homicide.

Simpson’s book publisher Judith Regan interviewed OJ in the aired special during which he refers to an unknown friend “Charlie” that accompanied him, but often spoke in first person instead of referring to “Charlie.”

To make things more uncomfortable, Simpson offered impeccable detail about what happened right before the killing, he laughs saying, “I hate to say this, but this is hypothetical … this is hard to try to make people think I’m a murderer.”

The interview took place 2006 to promote his book If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer. It was set to publish soon after the interview aired, but the plug was pulled on both because of the controversy.

BBC reports it was published after the court gave the rights to Goldman’s family. Although the book is a hypothetical account of what happened, Regan recently admitted OJ confessed on the pages but wanted “deniability with his children,” hence the disguised “if” on the book’s cover art.

Goldman’s family is still seeking justice for their son’s murder. Goldman’s family took Simpson to court for failure to pay the family $33.5 million in damages, and because of interest, the amount has increased to $71 million.