Pennsylvania Governor Supports Meek Mill Prison Release: ‘Our Criminal Justice System Is In Need Of Repair’


The campaign to #FreeMeekMill  keeps getting bigger. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf took to Twitter Friday (March 23) to publicly endorse Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s position that Meek deserves to be freed on bail while the court decides if the judge in his case should be removed, and if his sentence should be overturned.

Wolf is also in favor of an overhaul of the state’s criminal justice system, and says that his administration has made efforts to keep people out of the system.

“I support D.A. Larry Krasner’s position in the case of Robert Williams (Meek Mill),” Wolf tweeted. “Our criminal justice system is in need of repair. That’s why my admin has made efforts to invest in programs that divert individuals from the system, improve public safety, and promote fairness.”

In a follow-up tweet, Wolf acknowledged that “more needs to be done” and reaffirmed his support of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative.

“I am calling on the PA General Assembly to pass the Justice Reinvestment II reforms to the criminal justice system, which help address issues from arrest, trial, sentencing, incarceration, to post-release,” Wolf wrote.

In February, Krasner announced a groundbreaking plan to “end mass incarceration,” which includes declining marijuana possession charges, and charges against sex workers.

Last summer, Judge Genece Brinkley sentenced Meek to 2-4 years for probation violation following his reckless endangerment arrest for popping willies on a dirt bike. The sentence adds another example to the debate over criminal justice reform in Pennsylvania, and around the country. A Rolling Stone profile published earlier in the month delved deeper into the corruption and brutality within Philly’s legal system and how Meek and other young black men have been disproportionately affected.

Brinkley, meanwhile, vowed to sue for defamation after being accused of showing bias against Meek as retaliation for a failed business deal between him and a Philly music manager. On Tuesday (March 20), Meek’s legal team filed a second motion requesting that Brinkley be removed from his case.

Read Wolf’s tweets on Meek below.

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