Pitbull Announces His Initiative For Clean Water With The United Nations


Pitbull is definitely a man of the people. The Cuban-American artist is now partnering up with the United Nations in an effort to help people have access to clean water at all times with the organization’s new initiative, Water Action Decade 2018-2028. Due to the massive snow storm that attacked the North East this week, he was unable to attend in person.

In a statement released to Rolling Stone, the 38-year-old philanthropist-artist detailed his original speech and plan with the UN on combatting the issue:“Remember, Water is life. It is crucial to raise awareness about the importance of water. Those who do not face this issue on a daily basis need to understand that water is so powerful it can destroy through two extremes associated with climate change: Creating droughts or drowning cities.”

Additionally, he also mentioned how he’s tried to merge his musical message with an environmental one, purposely naming his albums with phrases that describe environmental issues.

“I intentionally named my most recent albums Global Warming, Globalization and Climate Change as a way of sparking conversations and raising awareness that the health of our climate affects all of us,” he said. “These titles have encouraged people to talk, to question and to connect the dots. It’s simple, water is life.”

Still, you can bet for sure Mr. 305 didn’t go out without profusely apologizing for not being able to be present at the event. “I sincerely apologize that I cannot join today,” he said. “Women raised me and made me a man. I have learned not to question women, especially Mother Nature.”

To read his full statement click on here.