Premiere: The Bay Area's Prezi Calls Out Snitches On "Rat Too" Feat. Lil Blood (Video)

Loose lips sink ships. 

The Bay Area's energy is on go-mode, thanks to their always thriving local hip-hop scene  as well as newcomers SOB x RBE making a splash on the national scene. Now, the Bay has another potent MC on the horizon--he goes by the name of Prezi.

P's single "Do Better," released a year ago, has garnered well over 4 million views on Youtube.  Following the momentum of his street single, last month, the bubbling rapper released Do Better: The Album.

Today (March 19), Prezi unveiled the new visuals to "Rat Too" featuring Lil Blood. Directed by Young Keyz, Prezi and Lil Blood call-out snitches and describes the consequences of having loose lips. Throughout the visuals, Prezi and Blood show they stand tall in the face of pressure as police try encourage them snitch, to no avail.

Prezi's Do Better project is an 18-song effort where he tells vivid stories of the unforgiving street life, as well as his rough upbringing in The Bay. VIBE briefly spoke with Prezi about his recording process, his journey into rap, and upcoming projects.

Tell us who you are and how'd you get to this point in your career.
My name is Prezi and I’m from the Harbor Road, in Hunters’s Point. I’m just a young, inspired guy who started rapping a year and a half ago. But before I started rapping, I got caught up in some trouble and ended catching some murder and gang charges in 2016. I ended up beating them and when I got out, I started to pursue music and used that as inspiration. My song “Do Better” ended up blowing big for me and it’s opened up so many doors. I’ve performed in front of 20k people with Ty Dollar Sign, I’ve started traveling, people are getting to know who I am, people are feeling me, and learning about everything I’ve been through.

What is your recording process like?
Once I hear a beat, I try to think about a time in a life or a situation in my life or anything I’m going through or anything my patnahs are going through, to pinpoint something to write about. When I’m in the studio, I don’t like too much talking, I don’t smoke or drink. I just have a relaxed vibe. Just trying to make my flow sound as good as possible for people to understand the stuff that I go through the stuff that I’ve been through.

What distinguishes you from other MCs?
The realness of my life. Everything I rap about is real, nothing is sugar-coated. Nothing is printed, nothing is fake. What you see is what you get. I won’t rap about killing 15 dudes because that’s not what I do. I will rap about how I came up with nothing. I will rap about everything that’s real with me. I ain’t trying to be someone I’m not.

Tell me about "Rat Too".
The song “Rat Too” features Lil Blood fro Oakland. Coming from the streets, I don’t like people who snitch. I came out of a situation being told on. It’s not a good feeling. I’m letting people know that I’m against it 100%.

Tell me about any upcoming projects.
I just dropped my album, Do Better, about a month and a half ago but right now, I'm working on a 2nd album. I have a new single with Derez Deshon from ATL that’s going to go crazy. Next up though, I’ll release a few more videos from the

Stream Do Better: The Album below and watch the video for "Rat Too" above.

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R.LUM.R Shares Visuals For New Single "How This Feels"

With his forthcoming debut album set to drop this fall, R&B artist R.LUM.R released his latest single and paired visual "How This Feels" on Friday (July 12). He recently inked a deal with Island Records earlier this year, and his new track "builds on the momentum" the entertainer has achieved since he first climbed into the music scene with his breakout single "Show Me."

The Florida-born singer delivers vulnerable lyrics and piercing falsettos in the songs hook when asks, "So can we be real/About how this feels?" As he goes back and forth from guitar chords to nocturnal R&B, R.LUM.R's latest melody lights a fire into his next chapter in the music industry.

The opening scene of the visual shows the vocalist staring at a burning old-school Cadillac set on fire. The picturesque film continues into the opening verse on owning up to intimate feelings and connections that could be conflicting or dangerous if pursued. "I don't wanna lead us in the wrong direction/Force or fake a feeling cause we both need affection/End up co-dependent cause we can't deal with depression/The way we need/ So can we be real?/About how this feels," he croons.

"With this first visual, I wanted to make sure to do something more striking and interesting than I've ever done that makes you feel the isolation that is so felt in the music," he said in a statement. "I think we did it with 'How This Feels,'"

His widely successful single "Frustrated" reached Top 10 at Urban AC Radio in 2017. Most recently he released his project AFTERIMAGE, which reached over 100 million global artist streams.

"I really believed in what Erykah Badu used to say about music, ‘Once I release it into the world, it’s no longer my story.’ Once the audience listens to it, it’s their story. I can’t wait to see how people interpret it. There’s growth to be done, and you don’t have to be afraid of it.”

Listen to "How This Feels" up top.

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The Dreamville Records roster - Lute, Omen, J. Cole, Ari Lennox, WoWGr8 of EarthGang (above), Cozz (below), JID, Bas (standing), Olu of EarthGang (kneeling) - pose for a photo from the Return of the Dreamers 3 sessions at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, Ga.
Jonathan Mannion / Courtesy of Interscope Records

Revenge of the Dreamers III: The Top Seven Artists Who Stood Out

The much-awaited Revenge of the Dreamers III compilation album was released this past Friday (July 5), and it exceeded all expectations, and then some.

The first two records of the trilogy predominantly featured Dreamville acts, and their in-house producers. However, this time J. Cole’s label shed their reputation of sectioning themselves off from the rest of the industry and embraced artists and producers from outside of their circle.

The melodic, often raspy, only occasionally recognizable voices of the 32 rappers and singers featured on the 18-track album, echo throughout the project. As was expected, J. Cole spit lots of great verses, but the the other emcees certainly weren't masked by his shadow. In fact, Cole gave ample room for the young bloods on ROTD3 to showcase their clever lines, their vocal range, and their artistry as a whole.

While it was hard to narrow down which artists on ROTD3 were the best, there are several on the project who stood out and earbed than a couple of rounds of applause. The five have yet to achieve chart-topping status, but after their performance on ROTD3, that achievement isn’t far away.

1. Buddy 

Buddy proclaimed himself the “Rap Camp MVP,” and his praise was validated by the Dreamville documentary and the record itself. The 25-year-old’s valley voice can be heard on three songs off the project and he was unlike anyone else, bringing an eccentric vibe to the songs he was featured on. In fact, Buddy’s one of the best parts on the album’s standout song, “1993” and he didn’t even rap on it. Hearing Buddy playfully cut off and hound Smino, Cozz, Doctur Dot (EarthGang), J.I.D and Cole himself, so they could focus on more important things such as smoking weed, brought a carefree element to ROTD3. Some may not expect such jovial vibes from the usually thoughtful Dreamville camp. Like Cole said, Buddy is “a real life legend.”

2. J.I.D

J.I.D. is quickly becoming one of Dreamville’s most recognizable acts, and it’s easy to see why he was featured on five different songs on the album, more than any other artist on ROTD3 aside from Cole. He represented his hometown of Atlanta effortlessly, especially on the lead-up single “Down Bad,” where his voice— unique as ever—uplifts the chorus. He’s hard to keep up with and he’s always quick with his rhymes, but there's no reason why J.I.D should have to slow down. With a style similar to Kendrick Lamar’s, J.I.D’s destination to the top is inevitable, and the quicker he gets there, the better. After all, who else could have came up with the bars: “I was just f***ed up, I was just down, down bad/I had to tighten the f**k up, but I’m here for the crown/Board of Education vs. Brown/I was bored of education, left the town/F**k a résumé and f**k a cap and gown/F**k a background check back’round when I get the check/N***a, that’s now.”

3. J. Cole

Dreamville founder J. Cole always carries high expectations with him, and he showed out with his seven appearances - more than any other artist - on ROTD3. The project saw Cole working differently from usual, but he displayed adaptability and flourished outside of his comfort zone. On “1993,” fans hear a version of Cole that he often keeps hidden – a fun, wild side that keeps up with the the carefree energy of the younger rappers on the track. For those other listeners who were itching to hear old school Cole from his Born Sinner days, he brought that out on the song “Sacrifices.” Sure, the North Carolina native can be the butt of Twitter memes — but who else can go platinum with no features — but every time he shows up, he shows out and shows the rap industry why Dreamville is such a force.

4. EarthGang

Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus are two most versatile rappers on ROTD3, and together they form one of the most formidable groups in hip hop. While their verses are crafty, it’s not so much their rhymes that command a song, but rather the way they play with and control their voices. Both Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus have a talent for manipulating the tone and range of their vocal chords, and that is especially evident in “Swivel,” their song on the album. They bring a unique sense of quirkiness to each appearance, and when they link up with the equally unconventional Buddy or Smino, magic happens.

5. Guapdad4000

Guapdad4000 is largely known for his hilarious viral social media videos or for his songs about scamming, but he took Revenge of the Dreamers III as an opportunity to show off his musical talents at a high level. He told VIBE, "I felt that I wasn’t going to go down there and outrap the super rap rap ni**as, even though talent-wise, I am a super rap rap ni**a. ... My plan was to just be true to myself, let my tone carry." The Oakland artist does exactly that, turning in two of the best choruses on the album with "Don't Hit Me Right Now" and "Costa Rica." His airy vocals and catchy, earworm hooks hold together the songs he appears on. And he also briefly bars up on "Wells Fargo." Guapdad4000 is hilarious, but his skills are nothing to joke about.

6. Cozz

Cozz is Dreamville’s youngest member at 25 years old, joining the label in 2014 and reintroducing himself to the world on ROTD3. Although he has two projects already released under Dreamville, this is without a doubt the biggest “stage” he’s ever been on and he took advantage of it. The Los Angeles native was bold on this album with his record featuring Top Dawg Entertainment artist, Reason, called “LamboTruck” and speaks to his artistry. He’s a risk taker, a big one at that given the fact that the Kal Banx-produced song is him expressing a few frustrations he has with his label. Every bar Cozz let off on the track was crafty and clever, which is definitely a strength of his, and as a listener it was entertaining figuring out the underlying meaning. Cozz is not one to be slept on, and it’s about time is welcomed into the new class of young rappers.

6. Ari Lennox

Lately touted as the “First Lady of Dreamville,” Ari Lennox can always be counted on to bring heart and soul to any project she touches. Her syrupy, raspy voice was the perfect touch to ROTD3 to make it whole and her heartfelt lyrics were the cherry on top. On “Got Me,” which was a single released prior to the album’s drop date, fans can hear the DMV songstress harmonize effortlessly with features king, Ty Dolla $ign. “Self Love” is a relatable ballad that strikes a chord with people every time Lennox croons, “self love is the best drug/but your love is the worst drug.” With her own debut album Shea Butter Baby already making big waves this year, plus her features on ROTD3, Lennox is taking the R&B world by storm, and she’ll let it rain on anyone who lets her.

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Young Thug And Mason Ramsey Hop On Second 'Old Town Road' Remix

Young Thug is one of two high-profile names to hop on Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.” The Atlanta artist joins the chart-topping 20-year-old, Billy Ray Cyrus and Mason Ramsey (affectionately known as the “Yodeling Kid”) for the song’s second remix.

The My T.H.U.G. Story rapper has been keeping relatively busy in 2019. In May, Thugger dropped “The London” featuring J. Cole and Travis Scott. It was initially teased during Miami’s edition of the Rolling Loud Festival, where flyers were released teasing a “summer anthem.”

The original remix featuring the “Achy Breaky Heart” musician recently earned an RIAA Diamond status, and has sat atop the Billboard Hot 100 for 14 consecutive weeks. It is one of only a handful of songs to achieve this feat, and it’s getting closer to being the longest-running No. 1 song in history.

Listen to the newest, nearly three-minute remix of “Old Town Road” above.

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