Rachel Dolezal’s Son Says He Resents ‘Some Of Her Choices’ In Trailer For Netflix Documentary

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Rachel Dolezal doesn’t seem to be falling into obscurity anytime soon. The self-proclaimed “trans-racial” civil rights activist, is the focus of a new Netflix documentary, The Rachel Divide, premiering next month.

In the  film’s first trailer, which was released by Netflix on Wednesday (Mar. 7), Dolezal has a talk with her teenage son, Franklin.

“I really do not want to focus on this for the rest of my life,” a frustrated Franklin tells Dolezal, who replies that she feels the same way. “Well, why don’t you just let it go away?” he wonders.

“When something gets destroyed you can’t just pretend it didn’t happen, you have to rebuild it,” Dolezal replies.

But Franklin is unconvinced that the documentary will be a good idea. “This is going to affect more than just your life,” he reminds Dolezal.

In a solo interview, Franklin explains that the doc could very well backfire, “like everything else has backfired.”

“I resent some of her choices and some of the words she’s spoken in interviews,” he admits.

Another emotional moment creeps through in the trailer’s final scene. Decked in her now-signature blonde synthetic braids, Dolezal cries at the thought of opening her family up to (more) scrutiny, and fears that she’ll be misportrayed in the documentary.

“It’s hard and I’m trying to be the gatekeeper… and then you’re just like handing it over to somebody who can just be a wrecking ball.”

Two years ago, Dolezal’s parents exposed her for pretending to be a black woman. The fallout cost Dolezal her position as branch president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Wash. In 2017, Dolezal told The Guardian that she was broke and nearly homeless.

The Rachel Divide will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival ahead of its Netflix debut on April 27, 2018. Check out the trailer above.